Elementry Basic Biological Science EBS

What is EBS?

The EBS course is an adjunct course in basic biological science.  The goal of the EBS course is to give learners a real chance to excel academically.

It comprises  the frame of reference and tools necessary to successfully write standardized tests for entry into post graduate medical programs in the field of medicine.  All classes will be taught in English by highly qualified native speaking professional medical doctors.

The curriculum is in tune with the standard teaching style used by courses, such as Kaplan and Doctors in Training, directed toward medical students interested in applying for positions in the United States and Canada.  These courses cover a broad range of topics and the student is well advised not to rely solely on the information garnered through any of these or the EBS course for all of their medical and basic science knowledge.

What do you expect from EBS course ?

The EBS course is designed to be High Yield.  This means that only the most commonly observed, or most commonly tested subjects will be covered to any depth.  In this way, the EBS course intends to give all enrolled students the tools to effectively write all exams (both present and future) that may be necessary to acquire certifications to work as a doctor outside and inside of the European Union.

Though the subject matter is broad and complicated, the curriculum drives the fundamentals of disease propagation, via the use of narrative, examples, actual examination practices, daily quizzing, presentation preparation, and interactive learning.  It is the outlook of the course coordinators that a firm basis of understanding will automatically lead to stronger showings in examinations and practical work.

While in the course, students will have access to valid study material, such as Kaplan and Doctors in Training which are widely used at American and Canadian universities, pop testing, presentations, and disused examination questions, all geared towards enhancing the students understanding, recall, recognition, and clinical problem solving capabilities.

Lecturer are highly qualified English native speaking professional medical doctors who gained their academic and professional qualification from American, Canadian and European Union Universities and Institutions.

Who can join EBS course ?

Learners in pre-, med school courses (both English and Polish), nursing, biology, allied health, and education.

You will get more from  EBS course if:

– You have a good command of English language, B2 or Upper intermediate level.

– You are committed to writing all the present and future exams in USA, Canada and European Union.

– You want to exploit  such international expensive materials as fully as possible.

– You have such commitment to enrich your basic science knowledge.

– You want to determine your strengths, aptitude with the future doctor job skills.


Program coordinator: 

Muhammed Youness MSc

Director of City College International


+48 530 012 130